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    How would you begin covering up a murder?
    Keep in mind that you could go to prison if and when caught. 'O_O"
    Hahaha! I shouldn't have been drinking water while reading this. I spit out water all over my screen. It actually went up my nose!! <:D

    You guys... Haha!

    • ANSWER:
      Honestly? The key is to do most of that work _before_ you do the deed. Meaning: invest in the rubber gloves (no fingerprints), shoes you plan on shredding and throwing away after the fact (footprints), a disposable mask to cover your mouth and nose (no DNA from there), a hat or cap for your head (no DNA from hair, and it can cover part of your face without being obvious).

      It goes without saying you can get away with wearing more of this stuff in the dead of winter, or during really atrocious weather. Keep in mind you will also need a headband under it all, and/or strong anti-perspirant deodorant on in strange places so your sweat also doesn't leave any DNA.

      Once you have that worked out....figure out where your victim shall die. Basically you want to do this somewhere where there is minimal to no risk of being caught on a security camera. It also helps if there aren't a lot of human witnesses--and any place that is on a cell-phone coverage map should be considered risky just because anyone within a quarter-mile radius could sneak a snapshot or video of your deed and uploade it to YouTube. Anyone in a car, in a window overhead, dumpster diving, whatever.

      Basically then, once you find the right place, then it becomes a little easier to lure your victim to the right place. Your best bet is to do this at night when possible.

      Guns are too easily traced. Every purchase _can_ be tracked, and every bullet can be traced back to the gun that fired it. Honestly, your safest bet--the one that leaves the least forensics--is to make sure you have the time to drop someone with a cattle prod (no needles or wires like a taser has), knock them unconscious, break their neck, then spend the next ten minutes choking them all the way out. It's time-consuming, but with the proper wardrobe (long sleeves, gloves, and other items mentioned above) if you have the time, you won't leave your own DNA or prints there.

      And there won't be a traceable weapon mark on the body for anyone to work from.

      *lol* Like you heard this from me, but ok. ^_~

    How do you keep sweat out of your eyes?? ?
    So, while playing hockey [I'm the goalie] I sweat a lot. Most of that sweat gets into my eyes. So during the game the sweat becomes irritating when it goes into my eyes. Becomes itchy or makes me lose concentration because I sometimes can't see cause of the sweat. I do use anti-perspirant, but after all I am wearing a helmet for like 2 hours, constantly having to wipe my eyes clean sometimes. What would you do to prevent this? Suggestions? Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      i heard that some put vaseline on their eyebrows to redirect the sweat or sweat head bands

    keep black hair straight after sweat?
    I'm an avid athlete and I exercise nearly everyday. However, as many of you know, African-American hair is usually not compliant with the moisture. Every time I exercise, the sweat drenches my hair which is especially bad after I get a perm. Is there anything I can to to prevent the sweat from canceling out the effects of the perm?? please help! thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      Pull your hair back when u work out and wear a cloth headband. Also put some anti frizz serum in your hair. There's this moisture block stuff that works really good.

    My school is HOT (no a/c) how can I keep cool?
    its brutal, i swear. how can i keep from sweating?

    • ANSWER:
      My advice would be

      Heres how to keep cool in style:

      Keep your hair out of your face I dont meen keep it tied up just wear some headbands and nicole richie head scalfs
      Huge sunglasses
      Denim short shorts
      Flip flops

      Now for the technical stuff:
      Keep like a bottle of deodrant with you AT ALL TIMES!!
      Keep a bottle of that cold air in a can stuff with you it really helps
      Keep a bottle of water with you
      Get some GOOD anti-sweat deodrant like sure girl

      Try to Keep in the shade or against cold things like leaning against your locker lol
      And also try and start a pettition for a/c!! If enough people sign it I am sure you will get it =D

      Gl x

    Ughh, my straightened hair gets bushy again!?
    I straighten my hair for school, and it's all silky and smooth! But during gym I sweat, and my hair gets bushy and wavy again! I tried a ponytail and no ponytail, but it still has the same result. Gym is first period too, so my hair is... blah... for the rest of the day! All frizzy and bushy.
    Please help me!

    • ANSWER:
      I have gym first period also and before you go to school you should put some hairspray, but not to much then put it into a ponytail and after gym apply a anti- frizz serum. Also maybe try a headband.

    How to style a toddlers hair in very hot temperatures?
    My 21 month old has a naturally high body temperature, so in the summer heat, the poor girl is just always covered in sweat.
    Her hair is fairly short, but it's long enough that it covers her forehead and it's almost to her shoulders in the back.

    What is the best way to style a toddlers hair when it's cut like this:

    Keeping in mind that she doesn't like to sit still while I mess around with her hair so it needs to be pretty quick and simple.

    • ANSWER:
      My niece had a similar cut and where we live it is ALWAYS 30 degrees Celsius, year round, even at night. Her hair seemed alot thinner then your little girls, but my SIL used to use headbands to keep the hair off her forehead and put it in a pony at the back. She used to do the pony while wet the night before, and use those tiny little elastic bands, (after spritzing with anti tangle spray, of course!!) and she found that worked. My niece also hated having her hair messed with, so my SIL found that when she done it after a bath when her LO was getting sleepy, there were less problems - and the next day - well, she didn't know that her hair was in a pony tail!! and use the elastic material head bands, so your daughter will be less likely to pull it off, the ones that are actual bands that don't go all the way around your head fall off even my head!!

    How should I do my hair? (pics)?
    I'm going to a concert this summer and i want my hair to last the whole day for meet and greet pictures. they also play up beat music so i will probably sweat. I'm going to spend the begining of the day at an amusement park. Please help!

    Style 1:
    - this is natural so it is quick and easy to do
    - it is pretty much sweatproof
    - i can't brush it after it dries or it gets messed up
    - it doesnt look well in a ponytail

    Style 2:
    - it takes about 10 extra min.
    - it is easy to brush
    - sweat ruins it
    - looks ok in a ponytail
    Sorry. here is style 2

    • ANSWER:
      when you straighten it, you could use some kind of product before and after to lock it and keep it from getting messed up, like matrix sleek and shine or maybe garnier fructis anti frizz serum.. or you can keep the original and not have to do anything to it, maybeyou can do the half up and half down thing? but anyhow liek you said, the first one is easier to do, no worries. whatever you want.. maybe even wear a headband in any ofthe hair doos, to keep it looking stylish

    How do I get rid of pimples on my forehead?
    I am a 17 year old guy and have TERRIBLE skin all throughout my forehead. I was wondering what I could do to get these small little pimples scattered all throughout my face off!

    As of right now, this is my skin care routine:
    -wake up wash face with warm water
    -apply face with aczone (some sort of anti acne cream)
    - in the evening I shower with this soap prescribed by my doctor (I put it on my face and back)
    -Before i go to bed i put on Acanya (another cream prescribed by my dermatologist)
    -I drink 4 bottles of poland spring water everyday (16oz)
    -I exercise every other day
    -I stay away from chocolates/junk food.

    Nothing seems to work! Please help
    To whomever answered thank you so much! I have that hairstyle where you flip your hair up in the front and i tend to use gel and this gluestick sort of thing to keep it up. I'm going to stop using them and buy those pads and the soap you suggested. Whenever i go to the gym and sweat I usually just wipe it off with my hands (probably not the best thing to do) I really hope it helps!

    • ANSWER:
      You must have really oily skin. But do you have your hair in your face? I have side bangs and beneath that area I tend to break out the worst. So try to keep your hair out of your face or atleast get them out of your face at night (i know your a guy but if you use a headband or bobby pins at night no one will know lol) During the morning you should continue to wash your face with warm water to open your pores and use some face soap for acne (i like clearasil or face scrubs) and rinse with cool water to close your pores. Throughout the day you can use clearasil pads, when your face feels oily or if youre sweating you can whip these out and just clean your face off a bit. (KEEP IT AWAY FROM YOUR EYES, it burns so bad... lol) at night you can wash your face like in the morning and use a spot treatment on your pimples. I use oxy, it comes in a little box... these products may dry out your skin so use it when you really need it. This works for me. Good luck:)

    Pleeeeeeease help me on this, i need expert advice :) ?
    i would like
    1) A new way to wear my hair - i have short naturally wavy hair, no fringe, about 16 inches from top of my head to the tips of my hair, my partin is a little to the left of my head

    2) The perfect way to wash, condition and dry my hair

    3) Ways to look pretty but only wearing a little bit of mascara and possibly eyeliner, maybe eyeshadow aswell :)

    4) Really good ways to get rid of blackheads and spots - I have done the steam method, it failed, i have black head strips and scrub and a tea tree concealer, i have blackheads on my forehead, either side of my nose and on my chin, the rest of my face is clear, :)

    5) Ways to smell reeeeeeally nice, i shower every day and wear impulse and sometimes perfume

    6) Ways to stop myself from constant sweating :( i use strong deoderant, the Michum one

    7) How to get beautiful glowing skin, i moisturise the whole of my body almost everyday

    8) How to look after under my eyes - How to stop myself from ageing when i get older

    9) How to get the perfect nails

    10) How to accesorize perfectly

    Thankyou if you can answer any, i have really wanted to know these things for ages, by the way im 13, i live in England and i curiuous 0_o :P thanks again

    p.s i dont want to spend a fortune on anything aswell XD

    • ANSWER:
      1. Ummm, you try wearing it in a side braid or ponytail! Or you can grow it out, and there would be more options. You can also try a bun or use a headband.

      2. Haha I'm an expert on hair: Don't use really cheap shampoo/conditioners!!! Buy a quality one. Then, be sure to shampoo only your ROOTS. The ends of your hair don't need shampoo. Next, use conditioner and use it only on the ends and the middle of you hair (exclude the roots). This is because the roots of you hair already has moisture and oil. Try to air-dry, because it's the best for your hair. If you really don't have the time, then use a hair dryer but use the cold air button! Edit: Also, don't forget to deep-condition, it's really helpful. I use aussie's three minute miracle, it's kinda cheap but it works extremely well.

      3. I don't wear a lot of makeup, only mascara and sometimes eyeliner. First, use an eyelash curler to curl your lashes. Then, apply mascara. Next, you can apply eyeliner if you want to. Just keep it natural and do a thin line (maybe wing it out?) I suggest pencil eyeliner because it's the easiest, but gel or liquid would work fine as well. Don't put eyeliner on the bottom of your eyes, it makes your eyes look way smaller. You can try putting white eyeliner or eyeshadow on your browbone and inner corner of your eye (near your nose) to brighten your eyes. You can also put white eyeliner on your waterline.

      4. I use a tea tree face wash, and then I moisturize. Be sure to cleanse and wash the parts with acne but also the rest of your face. Then, moisturize the acne spots the most, and only moisturize the rest of your face a little. If that makes sense, haha.

      5. Get a really good smelling body spray, or use scented lotion. Perfume might be a little grown up, but if you use it, don't use too much.

      6. Just wear deodorant and light clothing, there's really no other simple solution.

      7. Drink lots and lots of water! Also, try not to eat too much junk food. Keep on doing the moisturizing thing!

      8. Hmmm, get sleep and don't put on any anti-aging creams or anything. This is because if you use it now, they won't be as affective if you use when you're like 40.

      9. Don't chew on your nails, take care of you cuticles. If your nails are cracked or chipping, get a nail strengthener from the store.

      10. It's better to under-accessorize than over-do it. Don't wear like 5 rings, a necklace, 4 bracelets, and dangly earrings. It distracts from your outfit. Try to keep it at 3 pieces of jewelery at the most. Also take Coco Chanel's advice: take off one thing from your outfit when you're done, and it'll look more polished.

    Buying a paintball gun?
    Ok, I played paintball for the first time owned so bad!!! I loved it but the only that sucked was that my goggles fogged up so much! My gun broke so i didn't have a gun so i borrowed someone elses, we took turns, he had a tippman 98 or sumthin, is that a good gun? also wats a house hold remedy for getting rid of the foggy lenses?

    • ANSWER:
      Tippmann 98 Custom is a good marker, especially for woodsball. It is solid, reliable, and highly upgradeable. If you have any issues, Tippmann's customer service is top notch.

      As far as goggles fogging up, the best thing is to buy a mask that has thermal (dual pane) lenses. Try to stay away from single lens masks that are thermal coated or thermal treated. If you already have a single lens mask, buy some anti-fog treament/cleaner.

      Wearing a headband, bandana, or hat also helps. It will absorb your sweat and as an added bonus, reduce the pain of a head shot and maybe even give you a few bounces.

      You can buy a fan for certain brands of masks to help circulate air within the mask. If you wear glasses, installing fan will definitely help. If there is not a fan available for your specific mask, you can make one yourself, using a smaller computer fan, switch, 9v battery, and zip ties. There are "how-to" guides and kits available online for this mod.

    OMG MAJOR Black Hair Problems Help!?
    8th grade my dad took me to a barbershop and got me a boy’s haircut (That was the worst year ever). It was 8th 9th 10th and middle of 11th before i texturized my hair. I like it cuz in the morning before school i can just wet it gel it and pull it back with a headband. With natural hair i had to get up early and unbraid my hair so that is was kinda curly but that only lasts a few hours anyway. By the end of the day I would sweat out the little bit of curl i had.

    Well now with my texturizer when i wash and comb my hair it really breaks off A LOT. I want to wear it out (I use a head band to pull back the curls each day) but it is uneven and kinda short.

    What do I do what do i buy, so I can have curly hair root to tip (now its kinda poofy underneath) Its breaking off and I want to healthy so that it can grow it hasn't grown more then 3 or 4 inches since 8th grade.

    I am also going to the salon before school starts. Can they cut it and straighten it before school starts so can have a cute short hair, even with the texturizer. I’m a bit Super Duper Nerdy and I want a new hair style for the new year.


    • ANSWER:
      It's natural to have hair setbacks, but to only have your hair get 3-4 inches longer over several years is more than a mere setback, it indicates that you might be doing something to your hair that keeps it constantly breaking off. You need to find out why you're not retaining length. It's possible it could be the relaxer (relaxers and texturizers are the same thing). It could be the way you're handling your hair. It could be the gel, especially if it has alcohol as an ingredient.

      It sounds like your dad got you the boy's hair cut to get rid of any chemically treated hair (relaxers)? Maybe it was badly damaging your hair during that time and that's why he did it?

      Also, look into trimming the split ends. Split ends don't make your hair grow slower or faster from the roots, but they can make your hair break off if you fail to trim them after awhile.

      Be careful with how you comb and brush your hair. Only detangle when your hair is wet and full of conditioner and use a wide-tooth comb, and follow with a smaller tooth to get rid of smaller knots. If you detangle incorrectly then you can break off your hair.

      Did you overlap the relaxer? If you overlap the relaxer then it can cause breakage. It's hard to give you advice without knowing your weekly/daily regimen and what products you use. Do bi-weekly protein treatments and weekly deep conditioning treatments. Protein is anything classified as anti-breakage, protein, reconstructor, hair repair. Aphogee 2-step treatment is a good protein from what I heard.

      Flat ironing too much can break off your hair. Plus, "training" your hair means you're making it semi-straight, which means you'll have pieces of straight hair that won't revert along with some curly hair that hasn't yet been "trained," so you'll find it even harder to style with straight pieces of hair. Plus, if your hair is weak then I highly suggest you not flat iron it often if you want to grow your hair longer. Weak hair is more susceptible to breakage.

    Bored.. So.. What's in your purse?
    Details. Details. Details.
    Mine is;
    Advil, cough drops, secret wonder land perfume, some random piece of paper, a small flash light for some reason, p.s. I love you miniature body lotion, Japanese cherry blossom miniature body lotion, pretty and pure PINK body lotion, a black strap perfect, a nail file, berry blue typhion singles for water, yellow pre wrap head band, a pink and a purple elastic head band, a white hard headband, pink and white head phones, a few hair ties/bobbie pins and elastics, fun spirit degree girl deodorant, sweat pea handi bac/anti bacterial hand lotion, a purple comb, a small bible, my flash drive, a compact foundation and mirror, another mirror, a cheer leading ticket and a few receipts, a pad, 3 tampons, nose spray, chap ice watermelon Chapstick, a multicolored friendship bracelet, a vanilla hand sanitizer, my wallet, my aviators(sunglasses), navy blue pencil eye liner, pink color rich lip gloss, nude ellusion color rich lip gloss, and nude new york city lip glass. And when I leave the house Carmex, my phone and iPod go in there too.

    • ANSWER:

    Does anyone have cute hairdos for shoulder length hair?Please help!?
    Okay so,i have shortish shoulder length hair and side bangs.Its light brown and i usually straighten it but since it has layers in front and its flat to my head it dosent look cute straightened anymore.I start school this wednseday and im fourteen.I really dont know what to do with my hair for school or really any occasian.?!i want hairdos that will last atleast 8 hours and that dont take over an hour really because i have about and hour and ten minutes before school to get ready.Also i live in arizona so its hot so nothing that the heat and sweat will ruin.I have a one inch straightener,one inch curler,bobby pins,barrets,hairties and hair flowers and headbands.Thats about it.Also,i dont have money to buy anything new so is there anything i can do to work with the stuff i ahve now.?And please list as many thing as you can think of for MY llengthh* nd type* of hair please.also please include direction s and pictures or videos.Thanks so much.Points to whoever gives the best answer

    • ANSWER:
      curl it. buy a curling iron or if that doesn't work use hot rollers. also for a more wavy look, you can braid it before you go to bed and then put some anti-frizz serum in it in the morning. or if your really into straight hair then you can try clipping your bangs back and putting some braids in as a distraction.
      and if all else fails, here's a link that might help:
      there's other ideas on that website that might work better than that one.

    Gym class. Hair. Help? (10 points)?
    I'm gonna be a little whiny and say I have a little dilemma.

    So, typically I am athletic and I don't mind gym class. But I hate being sweaty after a workout and going to my next class all gross.

    1)The back of my neck tends to have sweat on it, where the hair is. I don't know why. I put it in a high ponytail. Any ways to fix that after a workout?

    2) How do I get rid of that kink in my hair after I let my hair down when I put it in a high ponytail? Or, what should I do to just prevent that? (but keep the hair out of the way) It tends to do that after a workout, also.

    3) My biggest problem is my bangs. I HATE it when my bangs get sweaty. I have side bangs. Headbands usualy just flat out my bangs after breaking a sweat. Should I just use bobby pins to keep it away from my forehead to prevent it getting in my sweat?

    4) Last Q; does anti humidity hair spray help any with preventing sweat in the hair? Should I spray it on after I put it in a high ponytail??

    Please answer all Q's!!
    oh and no. they dont let us use the showers.

    • ANSWER:
      Try showering, it works.

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